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Over 30 years of experience in general and implant dentistry. Join the thousands of other San Jose residents who chose us.

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We understand that you have a choice in dental care in San Jose. It's a real honor to serve your family. This is exactly why we promise to go above and beyond at all times to provide you with a pleasant dental experience.

Our Mission is to provide your family with treatment to the whole person, especially in regards to the relationship between your teeth & gums and the whole body. We are confident that your smile will achieve your goals for comfort, function and appearance.

World-Class Dental Services

We combine the best in technology, procedures and caring staff members to meet all of your dental needs.


A relatively new procedure that can replace entire rows of teeth with only 4 implants.


Makes dental implants in degenerated bone tissue possible.


Fixed bridges are a great option for a missing tooth or teeth.


Our specialized cleanings and whitenings ensure a radiant smile


Discover your best possible smile from a dental practice that truly cares


Call us immediately for emergency treatment if you are experiencing pain


Truly pain-free extractions an excellent after care is what we’re known for


Our specialized cleanings and whitenings ensure a radiant smile


Discover your best possible smile from a dental practice that truly cares


Discover your best possible smile from a dental practice that truly cares


Discover your best possible smile from a dental practice that truly cares

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If you're like the majority of our patients, you want to improve your smile. From simple fillings to complete dental make-overs, we have you covered.

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Reviews From Patients Like You

Fantastic Dental Care the First Time, Every Time!

At The California Center For Implant Dentistry, we provide fantastic care for all our dental patients. From initial exams to fillings, extractions and cosmetic procedures, our team will take excellent care of all your dental needs.

  • No Need for Multiple Visits over One Issue
  • No Temporary Fillings or Multiple Injections
  • No Compromise in the Quality of Your Care

Does Insurance Issues Feel Like Pulling Teeth?

The last thing you should worry about with a dental issue is dealing with insurance companies. We have decades of experience with insurance claims and can handle everything on your behalf.

Give us a call at (408) 402-4116 for any insurance help!

A Refreshing New Twist on Cosmetic Dentistry

At the California Center For Implant Dentistry, we understand that you have a busy life. We have easy scheduling options & extended hours to always meet your schedule. Our after-hours call service also means you can call us day or night. With a relaxed modern environment and excellent dental care, you’ll love our patient care services.

Case Study - The Need for Quality Dental Care

Dental care is about more than a smile- healthy teeth and gums support a lifetime of good health. Poor dental care can be linked to heart disease, diabetes, sinus problems and even certain cancers. That’s why regular check-ups are essential for children and adults alike.

Ready For Your Consult With Dr. Chen?

Common Myths

Myth #1) “You only need to go to the dentist if your teeth hurt.”

Truth: You might be aware of the saying “prevention is better than cure.”

Even if you aren’t experiencing dental pain, we recommend seeing a dentist twice a year for regular cleanings and exams. Many conditions show no symptoms until it's too late.

Altogether, prevention saves you both time and money in the long-run.

Myth #2) “Flossing can create spaces between your teeth.”

Truth: Flossing does not create spaces between your teeth. In fact, flossing helps prevent decay between your teeth. When you floss, you’re removing food debris nestled around your teeth and gums, which helps keep them healthy and removes harmful bacteria.

Myth #3) “My teeth are unhealthy because I’m aging.”

Truth: Aging is not an automatic factor in deteriorating oral health. Those who take care of their teeth during their childhood and adult years will still have healthy teeth in their senior years. Similarly, just because you are young doesn’t mean your teeth will be healthy.

Who We Are

Dr. Mike Chen


Mike M. Chen, DMD, DICOI, is a leading practitioner, teacher and lecturer in implant dentistry in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s considered one the most innovative dentists in northern California with 30+ years of experience providing and overseeing direct dental care, diagnosis, treatment and procedures.

More Reviews

Carol W.

I'm a new patient and my experience with Dr. Mike Chen and his staff was great from the beginning! The minute I walked into their clinic, I was greeted by the staff with warmth and courtesy. It really put me at ease for I'm one of those people who would avoid going to the dentist as much as possible.

I was there for a 20+ year old crown that needed to be replaced and Dr. Mike was highly recommended by a family member. Dr. Mike was very attentive and explained my procedure step by step. He took extra care in minimizing any discomfort. All in all, this is the best experience I've had with any of my previous dentists! Thank you, Dr. Mike for the excellent work and for my beautiful smile!

Bernee B.

My mother went to Dr. Mike for 10 years and was so comfortable and at ease with him... Before she passed I started going to him--now for 20 years. He was absolutely amazing in making me feel comfortable with the entire implants process and even came in on his days off if I had problems.

Always so gentle and kind. I can't imagine going to anyone else. His entire staff is amazing as well.

James R.

I have used Dr Mike and his staff exclusively for over 30 years as I was a patient of Dr. Chang before he retired. Dr Mike is an expert at performing implants and I know he actually teaches other Dentists on his renowned techniques. He is very competitive with his pricing and has always worked well with my insurance carriers over the years even though the carriers and plans changed as I changed jobs.

Now I am retired and moved to Folsom, but will make the drive just to keep him as my dentist.

My children are grown and they still use him. Dr Mike is friendly, gentle and very caring, and he gave me a beautiful smile, which I have on my face whenever I think of my experiences there. If you want a great smile at an affordable price then go see Dr Mike. You'll be glad you did.

Joanne C.

I have been a patient of Dr Mike Chen for over 30 years, I have never had a problem with dental procedures. His staff are the best!! they have treated me awesome. I have read the negative comments on here and I am very sorry you can't please everyone. I truly recommend his services and hope that others will try him and have great results. Also I have received many compliments on my new crowns

Jessica P.

Dr. Mike Chen and his staff are great.

I came to his office to get a tooth taken out, and like many people I was really nervous and scared. Dr. Chen took his time with me and didn't rush in trying to take it out he waited till I was ready.

While I waited his staff made me feel very comfortable checking on me to see if I needed anything and talking with me to help me out. So when I was ready he did a really great job I felt little pain! I would recommend seeing Dr. Chen, I love how they treated me,and took care of me.

Chon J.

I have been Dr. Chen's patient for over 20 years. He have taken care of my family and myself with professionalism and quality gentle dental work. I had cosmetic dental crowns made which were comfortable and looked very natural.

Last month my wife had two dental implants placed. She was very nervous, but Dr. Chen made the procedures very comfortable for her. I would highly recommend Dr. Chen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule a dental check-up?

Annual check-ups and cleanings are the general standard for patients with good dental health. You should always be seen immediately if you have any type of swelling, pain or gum bleeding.

What should I do if I’m feeling pain in my tooth?

Ice packs and aspirin can often provide temporary relief until you can be seen, but remember that most dental problems will only become worse in time. Immediate treatment is essential!

What does it mean if my gums are bleeding?

Plaque buildup is the most common cause of bleeding gums, but it can also be an early sign of an advanced gum disease. We will gladly take a look and help you determine the ideal treatment.

-Dr. Mike Chen


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